Monday, April 1, 2013

American girl doll curtains

Hey guys today I was inspired to make a pair of curtains for my dolls so let's get started

2something to sew with a machine or needle and thread
4 a wooden dowel or pencil or straw 
5 tape

1 use your needle and theard or sewing machine to  him / make a little opening on your two pices of 

fabric so your woden dowel can go throw 
2 after sewing both pices of the fabric tape one end of the wooden dowel to the dolls home wall 
3slide the wooden dowel throw the two pices of cloth
3 tape the other end to the wall

Bounces craft
A window 
2 glue stick or tape 
3 magazine or outdoor photo
4 computer paper

1 cut a photo or picutre that could be a outside seen
2 glue strips of white paper to look like a window 
3 glue or tape the window in place and add some curtains

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